sound familiar?

You're tired of coming home and wondering "WTF is for dinner?"

You know "what to eat," but still find yourself elbow-deep in the cracker box.

You keep thinking "This Monday will be different!" And then it's not. 

Leave a legacy of healthy eating


Discover the meal prep secrets you need to stay organized, and which foods will nourish your family best. Learn which "nutrition rules" you're better off avoiding. Break down the mental barriers that have held you back in the past. Discover how simple eating healthfully can be, and build an armoury of skills you will pass down through the generations. 

Say goodbye to diets. Forever.

Working directly with BB Head Trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach, Dara Bergeron, as your private coach, you'll get exclusive access to the world's most respected nutrition coaching. You'll dive deep into the habits that hold you back, learn how to bridge the gap between healthy eating  and your family's picky preferences, and get real-time, live support, from one mama to another.

What makes this program different is that it gets at deeper issues around food, rather than just offering up a diet plan. I’m creating new, healthful habits, and the personal coaching has been really illuminating.

12 months that changes everything


look your best. feel your best.

Under the guidance of Precision Nutrition Pro Coach & BB Founder, Dara Bergeron, you'll receive:

  • the world-renowned Precision Nutrition coaching program, a 12-month total-life transformation
  • daily nutrition lessons delivered by email, with text or audio options for your best learning style
  • a 1-hour intro phone consultation to shake off the dust and set goals for your body & your family
  • in-depth monthly workshops to help you process, plan and troubleshoot
  • nutrition advice tailored to your preferences, allergies, and life stage - even while pregnant
  • regular online tracking of progress, with photos/measurements, if desired
  • real-life meal planning and time management coaching
  • family-friendly recipes to help you meet your personal, and family, nutrition goals
  • live support, 7 days per week, by email and text message

12 months, one payment OF $1099

Save $100 with a one time payment. 30-day guarantee. Fees in $CAD. Subject to HST.

12 monthly payments of $99

Pay in monthly instalments with no up-front commitment. Fees in $CAD. Subject to HST.

This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
— Amanda J., nutrition coaching client

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