Yogurt (No-Mayo) Green Goddess Dressing


When it's 40 degrees and to hot to cook, a jar of this amazing, herby Yogurt Green Goddess Dressing will turn another boring old salad into a zippy treat.

This healthy spin on a Green Goddess Dressing tastes creamy & indulgent but is actually light and packed with nutrients! The original "GGD" was a 1920s creation based on mayonnaise and while it's definitely delicious, it's not necessarily the type of thing you might want to eat by the quarter-cup when you're eating salad daily.

For me, salad is often a twice daily thing in the summer. It's one of my go-to lunches since I'll generally prepare some hard boiled eggs + other protein on Sunday to easily throw into weekday lunch salads. Then, in the evening we tend to grill meat when it's hot and I'll prep a hot veggie or two, and a salad to go with it. If I didn't mix up my dressings I'd start to hate salad.

Plus, I've learned long ago that kids will eat a LOT of veggies if dip is provided. And while I don't necessarily want to teach my kids that "ranch" is a food group, I am A-OK with kids eating more veggies with dip rather than fewer veggies without it -- and I publicly preach it. If I can get them dipping in something that doesn't come from the Kraft factory, even better! This dressing is the PERFECT dip consistency, and you can change up the garlicky aspect or change the herbs according to your family's tastes.

Then you can be smug and use it as a sandwich spread or a fab topping for your favourite meaty lettuce wrap. You are so versatile. You goddess, you.

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