what 200 calories looks like


Always read the label. It's a good lesson in being a wise consumer, but it can also make the difference between staying lean and developing a case of type-2 diabetes. Food marketers are sneaky people, and labels on the front of the package can give a very healthy look to a food product which, on the reverse, is labeled clearly as complete and utter junk food. How do you nutrition-labelknow if it's junk? Read the back, not the front.

When in doubt, if it comes in a box, tube, bag or "pack," there is a good chance it's junk. 

Healthy foods from the produce, dairy and meat sections are not always labeled with calorie contents or portion recommendations, but you can do 2 things to educate yourself:

Wisegeek did a round up of various foods - a visual map of what 200 calories can look like.

A good lesson here? You get a lot more chew for your 2oo calories when you choose real foods.

Another good lesson? Many of the junk foods pictured are partial-servings. Watch processed food labels. A bottle of pop may indicate a serving contains only 130 calories; however, the bottle contains 2 servings - your total consumed? 260 calories.

496 mL of Coca Cola = 200 calories

385 g apples = 200 calories

73 g of french fries = 200 calories (WHY, WORLD, WHY?...)

51 g of medium cheddar = 200 calories













34 g of peanut butter (not natural) = 200 calories


Be wary! Choose real foods. When you don't or can't choose healthfully, understand the impact by learning about portions & food labels.