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Lights! Music! Dryness! Welcome, autumn, with all your winds and rains and "dews" that look suspiciously like "frosts..." It's been a blast, but we at BB are happy to wrap up the 2014 stroller fitness season and launch a fun (and dry) season of our popular indoor Belly Bootcamp fitness with baby!

The BEST Results. The MOST Fun.

In and out in an hour. Total body. BAM.

As in all Belly Bootcamp classes, each BB indoor class begins with a dynamic warm-up, followed by a FUN combination of cardiovascular and muscular training, core work and stretching all designed for the unique needs of expecting and new moms. The Belly Bootcamp method is uniquely effective at burning fat and toning the entire body, using body weight, resistance band and partner exercises. Bellies & Babes is suitable for every fitness level and every age/stage of postpartum!

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So how does it work?

From November through April, we exercise indoors at studio locations and sweat it out with great tunes and shelter from the winter elements – during this season, babies spend time in car seats, on mats, on blankets and in carriers, depending on age, stage and what kind of mood they might be in! All Belly Bootcamp parks & studios are just a few blocks apart, are TTC accessible, have nearby parking and are stroller accessible.

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What should you bring?

We provide the equipment and expertise.  Please bring the following items for your use:

  • Water
  • Clothing in layers so you can remain warm or cool as needed, with a supportive bra
  • Supportive, clean indoor shoes (or exercise in bare feet)
  • Front or back infant carrier (no slings or wraps, please)
  • Medications/orthopaedic  supports you might need
  • Snacks, toys or gear needed for baby
  • Blanket to put baby on, if desired

Check out a few other FAQ or contact us with your specific questions.


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