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mommy of the week: jennifer c.

Jennifer has been training at our Broadview/Queen location for an entire year, starting once per week & gradually increasing to 3 times per week before her maternity leave ended. She knows all our moves...let's just leave it at that. We couldn't be more proud!

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mommy of the week: saheera b.

Chances are you might well have Saheera in one of your classes... because she trains at BB 4 times per week! High fives, Saheera! We're so amazed by your progress. Read about Saheera and fill in the questionnaire to get a free BB class!

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Pregnancy Exercise Dos and Don'ts

Listen to your body and follow these guidelines for safe exercise in pregnancy, and you will feel strong, able and confident when labour arrives!

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Why Is Belly Bootcamp So Special?

We know Belly Bootcamp is special. We know it works. We know our mommies love being a part of Belly Bootcamp because they come back, session after session and baby after baby! But it is still nice to get a thank you note once in a while...

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