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mommy of the week: adrienne a.

Meet Adrienne from our Beach location, a two-time Belly Bootcamper, having trained with us after both of her babies were born. She knows all of our tricks but still manages to keep a smile on her face (like she hasn't heard the words "just five more reps!" sixteen thousand times by now).

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mommy of the week: lesley p.

Meet mommy of one, Lesley, from our Beach location. An avid soccer player and half-marathoner, Lesley has been training for 3 months with BB and just completed her first post-baby half marathon! Find out what she loves about BB and what her next fitness goal is!

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mommy of the week: nishta s.

Meet Nishta from our Riverside location. Nish is a mommy of two with a busy nutrition practice, but she has still made time to train with us at BB for 5 months now, with no signs of slowing down. Find out why she HAD to join BB and what results she's already experienced!

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