Surviving New Mom Sleep Deprivation Without Sleep Training


It might be a few weeks, or a few months. Maybe even a few years. But that night-after-night waking is going to get to you.

If you're just not up for sleep training or "crying it out," how do you manage your sleep? And your mood?

This shit is real.

Sleep deprivation is no joke. It makes you achy. Cranky. Hangry. Lethargic. It strips your motivation and ravages your metabolism.

The cruelest joke of infant sleep might be just how unpredictable it is. Sometimes you're swimming along, blissfully unaware that your 10-week old baby's overnight snoozes are completely unnatural and merely a flash in the pan. 

"He's such a good sleeper!" You exclaim.

That's the kiss of death. The next night? Feedings: ten. Diaper changes: five. Thoughts of having your tubes tied: twenty-three.

"It feels so catastrophic."

It's hard to understand the level of fatigue you will experience as a new mother before you're in the trenches yourself. Maybe you imagined diving into your hobbies, getting crazy strong with home workouts or even starting a side hustle on your mat leave with all that "time on your hands" that never seems to materialize.

It can be crushing to be so at the mercy of a tiny person. 

The choice isn't "sleep train or live in misery."

This is a judgment-free zone. But if your priorities don't align with sleep training right now, there are other options.

This week, on #WholeMama Wednesday, Brandie Hadfield, Sleep Educator and Creator of The Dream Method, shares her successful alternative to cry-it-out and other sleep training methods. She enlightens us on the facts around "normal" infant & toddler sleep, and sends us off with several super do-able strategies we can use to enhance our sleep and change our perspective, to feel better while sticking to the modern science of attachment parenting.

It's ALL about doing what's best for you. Stay tuned soon for a fantastic complementary interview with a proponent of gentle sleep training. So you can make an informed decision, and find the professionals and fellow mamas who can help you to feel supported and well.

Whichever method you choose, you deserve community and support.

Find helpful links to free articles and resources on Brandie's website below!

Share this video with a mama friend to let her know, if she doesn't want to sleep train her little one, she is not alone. And comment below with your sleep training experience and your tips for staying sane in the "marathon" of parenting.

Surviving New Mom Sleep Deprivation Without Sleep Training


info on alternativeS to sleep training.

From Brandie, here are some references & resources on the topics in our interview:

The origins of the term "self-soothing."

Safe bedsharing tips.

FREE GUIDE for Ending Bedtime Battles.

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The Dream Method for Infant Sleep

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