Post-Baby Period Symptoms, Fertility & Feel-Good Tips


We need to talk about periods, mama. Your menstrual cycle isn't just a meaningless scourge brought upon you once per month. It's a hugely important indicator of your overall health.

"Your menstrual cycle is your fifth vital sign."

Periods after baby can be confusing. Sometimes they come back right away. Sometimes they don't return for a year, even two years, after giving birth. Which could mean, between pregnancy and postpartum, that you don't menstruate much for several years while you're busy, you know, child-bearing and stuff.

And when they do come back, often they're more intense. Longer. More painful. Other times, lighter. Shorter. 

And what if you are trying to get pregnant again with a little sister or brother?

Or trying NOT to get pregnant?

What can your period tell you?

A lot.

This week, on #WholeMama Wednesday, Amanda Laird, RHN and host of The Heavy Flow Podcast, demystifies your menstrual cycle, explains how to know when you're fertile (or not), how to expect the return of your period after baby, why periods change after kids, and how to manage your symptoms and navigate new period products like period panties and menstrual cups.

It's like grade 6 sex ed, only this time you're mature enough to process it.

"Know Your Normal."

Know your cycle. You're the only one who can track this fifth vital sign and listen to your body telling you that all is well, or not. 

Share this video with a mama friend to help end the stigma around menstruation, and get important info to your fellow mamas so they can live their healthiest, happiest lives, periods and all. And comment below with your own tips or favourite period products! 

Post-Baby Periods: Symptoms, Fertility & Feed-Good Tips

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More info on your flow.

From Amanda, here are some common questions and extra reading on the topics in our interview:

What does a healthy period look like?

Nutrition tips for pain-free periods.

How long is a normal menstrual cycle?

What menstrual products are healthier/not so gross?

Stay tuned next week for another #WholeMama Wednesday video.

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