mommy of the week: shannon m.


Shannon M. trains in East Toronto at prenatal Belly Bootcamp & sees her BB personal trainer every week. Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

What brought you to BB? How long did you train?

I knew a top priority for me was getting back into shape right away after I had Cameron, so immediately I started researching bootcamps that were baby friendly and that is how I stumbled upon BB. I first started going to bootcamp 7 weeks after my daughter was born. I attended 1 class a week for the first couple of weeks and quickly realized I wanted more. By the time I was finishing my mat leave I was attending 3-4 classes weekly. Needless to say, I was hooked on the amazing workouts, teachers and overall atmosphere; plus meeting some really great mommy friends along the way!

What results did you experience?

I tell every new mom and expecting mom I know, if staying physically fit and active is important to you while pregnant and after baby is born, you need to go to BB! I was literally in the best shape of my life while I was on mat leave and I know it is all because of Dara and her team. I really didn't know what to expect walking through the doors for my first BB class; I have always been someone who was active so I thought it might be a bit too laid back and "easy" for me - boy, I couldn't have been more wrong!!! They put me right to work, but the best part was I felt like they customized the workouts to my physical strength and changed my workouts as I got stronger, to ensure they were always pushing me to my potential.

How do you stay active outside of BB?

Now that I'm back to work, I still stay active outside of BB by doing some spinning and running from time to time, but while I was on my mat leave, I was attending so many BB classes each week the days in between were more like rest days for me. :)

What is your #1 fitness goal now?

I am almost six months pregnant with my second baby so I am currently attending one BB class a week plus getting BB personal training at my home once a week to work on prenatal fitness. My main fitness goal now is to stay active and strong throughout the pregnancy so I can get right back to it once baby #2 arrives

Favourite healthy food?

I would love to say that I eat lots of great healthy meals but the truth is, this is my downfall. I do however, love all fruit and beet salad is a definite fave of mine!

Favourite exercise?

Squats or the killer one that Dara makes us do: running while someone pulls us back with a band around our waist!! This one is brutal but definitely works.

Exercise you want to punch in the face?


Favourite splurge food or drink?

Chocolate milk for sure; I think I drink 7 litres a week!

Favourite active place to visit with your little one?

Any park - Cameron's new favourite is the slides.

Describe yourself TODAY in 5 words.

Energetic Strong Passionate Physically fit Determined.


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