mommy of the week: nishta s.


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Meet Nishta from our Riverside location. Nish is a mommy of two with a busy nutrition practice, but she has still made time to train with us at BB for 5 months now, with no signs of slowing down. We've watched her get leaner, faster, stronger & more confident in her body since starting at BB, and she trades us in spunk, charm and hard work. Nish is one of those charismatic people that others look forward to seeing at class each week, our trainers included. Thanks, Nishta!

What brought you to BB? How long did you train?

I randomly met Dara in a coffee shop; she was in the middle of yelling at a mommy across the street to "Squat!!" while she was pushing her stroller. I knew instantly I loved this woman! I came for a free trial class, thinking it'd be a "fun, different" way to pass the usual mid-morning lull with my baby. HA!!! I swiftly got my butt kicked, BIG TIME! I realized then what a toll 2 babies + approaching my Not-Thirties anymore had taken on my body :) I had a big diastasis recti. I could barely do the short jogs in between the resistance training intervals. I was simultaneously totally discouraged but also fired up to get stronger again. I had a lot I needed to be strong, energetic and relaxed for in my life. So, when my daughter was 5 months old, I joined the BB location near my house (across the street) -- no excuses needed; the idea of walking by Dara and the BB mommies on my way to buy croissants instead of working out was fear enough! Its been 5 months of training; although as the BB trainers, and my use of exclamation marks, may attest, I'm still a bit of a spazz when I workout. I can't help it, it's too fun!!!!!!!

What results have you experienced?

I can run to the grocery store -- stroller + baby + groceries! I can wear my old jeans! I can lift my kids high above the change table, even bench-press them into giggly submission as needed. My core strength is significantly better! Instead of being in my housecoat at 3pm, I'm often running the errands I need to, working, seeing or talking to clients, cooking, playing or just relaxing, because I have energy to do all of the things I love again. Sleep? Well, the sleep I get, is definitely deeper, though still too little! And most importantly, I feel I'm a better, happier, calmer mother, partner, wife and friend since working out regularly.

How do you stay active outside of BB?

I walk whenever and wherever possible and have a weekly yoga group.

What is your #1 fitness goal now?

My goal now is to work on getting back the muscle density and shape I had before babies; primarily in the booty area! And I continue to work on healing my diastasis recti so that my next bikini moment is a little less Alien, a little more MILF.

Fave healthy food?

My favourite healthy food is chickpeas and spinach; may be genetically programmed, not sure!

Fave BB exercise?

My favourite BB exercise, and by favourite I mean the one that hurts, is the frog jump. When I started, I couldn't do 2 in a row; now I can do 20 (if I REALLY have to).

Exercise you want to punch in the face?

Those sumo squats where you squat and then do mini jumps while you are still squatting and then you want to die.

Last splurge food or drink?

Last splurge was sake.

You in 5 words. Go!

Energetic. Motivating. Funny. Loving. (Sometimes) Charming.


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