mommy of the week: marney r.

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Marney has been training at our Trinity/Liberty Village location for 6 months with her daughter, Colette. Despite a painful hip injury, Marney has pushed herself to the max since May, incorporating trainer suggestions to do safe leg training and trimming down to her pre-pregnancy shape... all with a smile on her face! Sometimes a sarcastic smile. But always a smile. Thanks Marney!

What brought you to BB? How long did you train?

Walking through Trinity Bellwoods and seeing a group of moms having fun & working out with babies?! I had to check it out! I started training twice a week in May 2013.

What results have you experienced?

Aside from shedding my baby weight (yippee!!), I feel strong and have more energy than I did pre-pregnancy. My greatest result: my skinny grey jeans sitting in the back of my closet for 18 months (!!)... they finally fit!!

How do you stay active outside of BB?

Thanks to the BB weekly newsletter, I have started doing HIIT workouts at home while my daughter Colette is asleep. Sometimes I only have 20 minutes but it gets the job done!

What is your #1 fitness goal now?

Complete recovery from my hip injury while maintaining my fitness level. It's a balance of pushing myself and knowing when to modify.

Fave healthy food?

There are a few: quinoa pancakes, avocado on toast with sea salt, lentil salad, and black bean burgers.

Fave BB exercise?

Anything lower body. I love the burn!

Exercise you want to punch in the face?

Burpee pyramid! UGH!!!

Last splurge food or drink?

Dessert: chocolate ice cream with dollops of peanut butter. Go big or go home!!

You in 5 words. Go!

Enthusiastic. Quirky. Positive. Open. Sleep deprived.


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