mommy of the week: jennifer c.

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Jennifer has been training at our Broadview/Queen location for an entire year, starting once per week & gradually increasing to 3 times per week before her maternity leave ended. She knows all our moves...let's just leave it at that. We couldn't be more proud!

What brought you to BB? How long did you train?

When my daughter, Clara, was six months old I decided that I was ready to start pushing myself harder to work out, and a couple of friends had recommended Belly Bootcamp. I've been training with Belly Bootcamp for exactly one year now!!

What results have you experienced?

I started with once per week, then quickly increased to twice a week and, in the last few months, three times a week. I have seen amazing results. I have lost 30 lbs and feel stronger and more fit than I did at the time I got pregnant.

How do you stay active outside of BB?

Since Clara is 18 months old and has never successfully napped in her crib, I do A LOT of walking so she will nap in her stroller. I also do a hot power yoga class and some band work at home, based on the Belly Bootcamp workouts, when I get the chance. In my previous life, I used to rollerblade to work...I'm not sure how that fits into my new schedule but I'm hoping I can make that work too.

What is your #1 fitness goal now?

Now that I am returning to work my goal is to find a way to stay fit and keep the pounds off despite a hectic schedule. (we recommend our Saturday no-babies classes, Jenn!)

Fave healthy food?

Salad. I love salad and could eat it for every meal (although not all my salads are always that "healthy!") My favourite salad is arugula & spinach with tuna, apples, walnuts, raisins and strawberries.

Fave BB exercise?

Caterpillar push ups.

Exercise you want to punch in the face?


Last splurge food or drink?

Pizza and a bottle of red (although to call that a "splurge" suggests I don't eat pizza and drink wine all the time :)... )

You in 5 words. Go!

Friendly. Fun. Caring. Emotional. Tired.


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