Meal Prep With Me on the Sunday Night Dinner Podcast


I love cooking, and I love podcasts. Often, I listen to podcasts while I cook. Other times, I binge watch Scandal. But listening to podcasts sounds much more high-brow and adulty.

When my amazing renaissance-lady friend Suzanne Hancock invited me to be a part of her new podcast, Sunday Night Dinner, I was soooo excited. I have done lots of TV and media stuff but AUDIO? How refreshingly old-school. 

Sunday Night Dinner is a cook-along podcast featuring treasured recipes from celebrated Canadian chefs and personalities. I guess I fall under the "personalities" category as I'm certainly no chef.


The podcast is only a few months old, is getting amazing reviews, and has already hosted a who's who of culinary experts, like Chef Rocco Agostino of Pizzeria Libretto, Laura Wright of The First Mess, and even celebrated author Miriam Toews making a favourite Sunday night recipe from her childhood. 

Cook along with me. It gets messy.

So head out for an evening walk, gather up that huge pile of laundry waiting to be folded, or whatever it is you do when you listen to podcasts, and listen to me share two of my fave meal prep recipes, my tips for dealing with kids' fussy eating behaviour, what dinner was like at my house as a child, and how I deal with moths when they fly into the food.... arrrghhh.

Better yet, hop right onto the Sunday Night Dinner Podcast website, where you can view the recipes and shop for the ingredients and cook right along with me, in your kitchen, while you listen.

Listen to Meal Prep With Dara Bergeron on the Sunday Night Dinner Podcast on iTunes!