why your trainer is bald. like, bald.


Well, that settles it. The rest of us didn't even stand a chance. The newest BB trainer, Jessica, is officially the most badass of us all.

Last weekend, in support of children's cancer and Kisses for Keaton, Jessica shaved her head at a Bald Is Beautiful fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital.

OK, she used a proper razor and not a BIC, but she is still 647 times cooler than me. It's official.

Jessica raised $1,000 before her big bald day (amazing!) but you can still get involved -- start by liking Kisses for Keaton on Facebook and stay posted on Keaton's progress and their upcoming events. Keaton is a beautiful, spirited, adventurous 2 year old girl who is currently undergoing treatment for Leukemia, and the Kisses for Keaton foundation raises funds in her name for childhood cancers and The Hospital for Sick Children.

Jessica before (2nd from left), with Keaton.

Jessica after, with her fellow donors.

Here's what Jessica said this week, after showing off her new bald look...

Here I thought I'd feel vulnerable, hiding under hats for weeks, but that's not the case at all. I love rocking the bald look and feel more confident than ever. Maybe it's because of the reason I did it or maybe it's because hair is just hair. It doesn't define me. I love the smile on my friends faces when they see my new bald look for the first time. I love that everyone applauded my new 'do' at each fitness class I've taught. It is the greatest feeling in the world when people say that I have inspired them and that I've made a difference. All the support I have is overwhelmingly amazing to say the least. Bald is Beautiful xo

Jackson checks out mommy's new look.

It's not every woman who will give up her long, brown locks to raise funds for charity. The next time you see Jessica at a BB class, you won't need to wonder where her hair went. You can just congratulate her. Or high-five her. Or just do as you're told and do your pushups.

Nice work, Jessica. We are very proud!