How To Protect Your Pelvic Floor When Picking Up Baby

Quick! How much does your little one weigh? Whether they’re 10 pounds or 80 pounds, the way you pick them up can have a direct effect on your core and pelvic floor. This is particularly true in pregnancy and postpartum when the core and pelvic floor are already under additional pressure.

Now, quick! How many times do you pick up your little one? Maybe once or twice per day for a bigger kid. Maybe twenty or thirty times per day for a baby.

Let’s do the math: pounds x lifts = a workout. A workout you do every day.

Every. Single. Day. After. Day. After. Day.

You wouldn’t do any other “exercise” without thinking at least a little bit about your form, would you?

And you wouldn’t do any other exercise without considering whether it’s safe for your pelvic floor…would you?

Here are THREE safe ways to pick up older babies and kids while protecting your back, core and pelvic floor! (Including a cameo from my very own little one!)

How To Protect Your Pelvic Floor When Picking Up Your Little Ones

🖐🏽 Once again, the best way to ascertain which movements are safest for YOUR body is to get an assessment from a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, then look at the way the body is functioning as a whole and work on strengthening the body safely with the guidance of a qualified trainer.

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