Healthy Roasted Garlic & Cauliflower Soup



It's raining, it's pouring... time for soup! This creamy, delicious soup is gluten-free and light on calories. Perfect at a dinner party or just slurping up for a comforting weekday lunch.

What could be healthier, cheaper, easier, and more soul-satisfying than a hot bowl of homemade soup? Soup is the stuff of which childhood memories are made, and every mommy needs a few go-to soup recipes up her sleeve. Our mothers made soup when there were veggies left in the fridge that no one would dream of eating raw. Cauliflower tends to be one of those veggies that languishes in my veggie drawer, and one recent head met its fate as the primary ingredient in this super yummy roasted garlic and cauliflower soup. That week I believe I made three different types of soup. I finally stopped when I heard "soup again, huh?" one time too many.

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For those of us striving for weight loss or weight maintenance, soup should be a go-to part of the weekly family meal plan. Soup can quell your appetite faster than most foods, for fewer calories, because of its high liquid content. This creamy (but low-calorie) cauliflower soup is a great make-ahead idea for a Sunday afternoon, to provide you with figure-friendly lunches all week. It's also easy to make-ahead and serve as a rich but not too filling appetizer for a dinner party. A garnish of finely chopped crispy bacon & parsely would put it over the top. Or channel your inner barista and drizzle cream in a pretty shape.

Spoons up!

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