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Start Your Day With A Yoga Sun Salutation

Sun salutations are a great way to warm up the entire body; a great way to start the day. BB Yogaflex trainer, Suzanne, demonstrates a sun salutation to add to your morning routine this winter to improve flexibility & core strength.

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Getting Back On The Workout Wagon: 5 Trainer Tips

Ahh... September. Back to work, back to reality, back to... the gym? Funny that summer is the time we expose the most skin and also the time we avoid the most workouts. Here are some strategies we use with BB clients returning to workouts after a hiatus.

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Sleep Deprivation & Weight Gain For New Moms

Busy? Wait. Busy AND carrying around extra weight? Health & parenting coach Brandie Hadfield shares strategies to improve your mood, your sleep & your waistline!

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