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10 years. Thousands of #BBstrong mamas.

We know your life, and your body, have changed. And we think that’s pretty awesome — but, hey, we also know it’s a little overwhelming. We want to show you just how #BBstrong you are, so you can have the confident, vibrant motherhood of your dreams.

Thousands of Toronto mamas have trusted us with their pregnancy & postpartum wellness. Our body-positive, uplifting community and highly skilled training make BB Toronto’s top fitness for mamas, since 2009.

Strong Core. Strong Mind. Strong Body. Strong Community.


It’s your turn.

I can’t say enough good things! I keep going back to BB because I love the way the classes build my confidence, as a woman and a mother — and make me a stronger and stronger person.
— Karina V.

Trusted by Canadian mamas and media since 2009:


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Here at BB, success stems not just from superior coaching but from an incredible community where women feel safe and supported by one another in their unique needs and goals. It’s magic.
— Dara Bergeron, BB Founder


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